menu changes daily | last updated 12/16/18

Cultured Butter & Honey  6
Spicy Lamb 13
Benton's Reserve Ham 17
Egg & Smoked Roe 12
Mussels & Jalapeño Dashi 15
Pork Neck & Spicy Pineapple 12
Foie Gras, Ricotta, Pear 22
Chickpea Hozon 8 |+ wooden uni box 44
Cave Aged Butter & White Sturgeon Caviar 32

Dozen Oysters kimchi, Meyer lemon 18(half)/32
Kombu Cured Diver Scallop apple dashi 14
Sliced Kanpachi tomato Bonji 16
Santa Barbara Uni tofu, yuzu 32
Fried Oxtail salsa seca, peanuts, chili 25
Stuffed Peppers Benton’s sack sausage, buttermilk 16
Grilled Kanpachi Collar cucumber, lemon 14

Bounty Bowl koji mascarpone, Domojang 15
Marinated Mushrooms pistachio, radish, wasabina 16
Fried Cauliflower fish sauce vinaigrette, red onion, cilantro 12
Creamed Bloomsdale Spinach rice cakes, seaweed, sorrel 14
Smoked Cabbage brown butter, macadamia 12

White Truffle Congee egg, beef jus 62
Tapioca Lo Mein yu choy, garlic, krill 16
Mafaldine Dungeness crab, bread crumb, lemon 39
Macaroni & Chickpea Hozon, black truffle 46

Marinated Black Cod Hozon, bok choy, pear 31
Fried Skate Rice scallion, egg, chili sauce 43

Crispy Pork Belly kohlrabi, lettuce, Domojang 24
Grilled Prime Skirt Steak almond, Thai shallots 32
Roasted Duck Crispy Rice foie gras, citrus, dates 68
Boiled Whole Chicken black truffle, hand torn noodles 88
45 Day Dry-Aged Holstein Ribeye B.S. fries, cheese sauce 128
Smoked Coppa ssäm, spicy stew 140

Boneless Chuck Short Rib
Braised with Asian pear & daikon. Served with rice cake, sweet potato & melted raclette. 82
Whole Plate Short Rib*
Smoked bone-in APL-style ribs. Served with beef rice, shiso, rice paper, ssämjang & condiments. 190

*limited supply, please inquire with 24hrs notice for availability